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Recommend to redry welding electrodes

Re-drying the covered electrode before use is important for decreasing moisture content and defects prevention. We cannot overlook it and the properly re-drying temperature, time, and allowable cycle of re-drying shall be considered.


Introduction of product package

To maximize user benefit, this video explains the necessary information which is mentioned on the package of RB-26. Covered electrode, RB-26 under the trademark of KOBELCO has been accepted by users for more than 50 years.


Notes on storage and movement of pail pack welding wire

If you are interested poster of " Notes on storage and movement of pail pack welding wire" please contact marketing department. KOBELCO MIG WIRE (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

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Tack Welding the simple task but not simple.

Tack welding is to hold the components in the proper location prior to final welds are made. We often have a misconception that tack welding is not an important issue because it needs to be followed by actual welding anyway.

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