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JIS Z3251 DF2A-400-R

Metal type: Hardfacing      
Process type: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)


Characteristics on usage:

The KOBE-350R is a solid surface welded wire for machine parts with metal-to-metal friction. (metal-to-metal) and moderate impact. Flux welded wire is a Tyrian type. It makes erosion easy. In addition, the weld can be machined. Suitable for welding alternating current And the anode type anode.


Notes on usage:

1) The wire should be welded before use at 70-100ºC for 30-60 minutes and during welding should keep the arc length as short as possible.
2) In the surface coating of cast iron, Cast steel, Forged steel, Low alloy steel Or high carbon steel Warm up the workpiece at 150ºC or more before welding.
3) Machining may be more difficult. If the weld is cold fast. It is recommended to preheat the workpiece. It may be heated after welding. To slow down the welding process.

4) In the case of multi-layer welding Should be applied with appropriate welding wire. And should not be welded to the surface of the hard surface more than two layers to crack the potential.

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