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Thai Kobelco Welding Co., Ltd Before 1968, Thailand had no welding plant unit Thai Kobe Steel, the leading Japanese manufacturer of steel and welding, formed a joint venture with Thai shareholders and set up a plant in Phrapadaeng. It become the first welding plant in Thailand to provide welding supplies to domestic industry and for export.
With the rapidly increasing demand for welding and economic growth, Thai-Kobe has expanded its production based on its confidence in the product quality and the national prosperity. Our staffs with long and extensive experences in welding production were relocated to new site having the total area of 12,800 square meters in Bangpu Industrial Estate Meanwhile a new plant was built on the same pilot of land called Kobe Mig Wire (Thailand) to produce GMAW.
With the initial production capacity of 300 tons, both plants are currently capable of producing 24,000 tons per annum. They have played a crucial role in promoting the national development, especially in construction, auto assembly and petrochemical industry. In addition, the company's exported products have earned foreign currency in the amount of not less than 250 million baht. Both plants are employing over 300 persons.

With the focus on producing and distributing welding and also importing quality welding from its mother company under the brand name of KOBELCO, Thai Kobelco is now the position to provide a wide range of welding and cover all welding and cover all welding procedures. We become the leading firm in offering the widest range of products in the market.

With the rigid control over quality in line with the Japanese code of practices, oue products have met the standards set forth by many global standards institutions including.
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), USA
Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), Thailand
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NKK), Japan
Lloyds Register of Shipping (LR), UK
Bureau of Veritas (BV), France
history of Thai Kobelco Welding Co., Ltd

Apr. 1968 THAI-KOBE WELDING CO., LTD. was established at Phrapradang (Capitalized at 3.5 million Baht)
Sep. 1988 Increased capital to 24.5 million Baht
Oct. 1988 Transferred factory to Bangpoo Industrial Estate Started production of "LB-52"
Mar. 1990 Completed contract with three Sales Respresentatives
Jan. 1991 Started production of "B-14"
Aug. 1991 Marketing Dept. was established
Feb. 1995 Started production of SUS electrode
Jan. 1996 Started production of "LB-52U" and "LB-52-18"
Feb. 1996 No.3 Factory was established
Jul. 1997 Started production of "TGS-308, -308L"
Aug 1999 Achieved ISO 9002 (JQA)

Kobelco Mig Wire(Thailand) Co.,Ltd KOBELCO MIG WIRE (THAILAND) CO., LTD (Former name KOBE MIG WIRE (THAILAND) CO., LTD) is a subsidiary company of KOBE STEEL LTD. We are leading manufacturer of solid wire for Gas Metal Arc Welding in Thailand which production with same production standard in Japan. Therefore, our product has high quality of copper coating with high quality of product.
We produced solid wire for Gas Metal Arc Welding to support demand of Automobile, Compressor, Construction machinery, Petrochemical including demand in other countries all around.
history of Kobelco Mig Wire(Thailand) Co.,Ltd

Year 1988 KOBE MIG WIRE (THAILAND) CO., LTD was established at Bangpoo Industrial Estate
Year 1989 Certified JIS standard
Year 1993 Started production “TG-S50”
Year 1996 Started production “MG-50”
Year 1997 Started production “TG-S308” and “TG-S308L”
Year 1999 First time certified ISO 9002 by JQA
Year 2000 Started production “TG-S51T”
Year 2002 Started production “MIX-50”
Year 2003 Certified ISO 9001: 2000 by JQA
Year 2007 Certified ISO 14001 by JQA
Year 2009 Company 20th year anniversary celebration
Year 2009 Started production “MG-S308” and “MG-S308LS”
Year 2012 Apply trademark “FAMILIARC” on product packaging
Year 2018 Certified ISO 9001: 2015
Year 2018 Company 30th year anniversary celebration
Year 2020 KOBE MIG WIRE (THAILAND) CO., LTD changed new company name as “KOBELCO MIG WIRE (THAILAND) CO., LTD” to strength and promote
                KOBELCO brand all around the world

Thai-Shinyokai Group


The products manufactured by both companies are distributed through domestic and overseas neworks. The domestic distribution is made under a strong network called "Shinyokai", which is the largest and most secure networking system ever set up in Japan. Our team comprising local and Japanese engineers are available to give advice on welding work and help solving problems on welding. We focus on providing technological services to both goverment and private sectors so consuistently that our commitment for public education is widely known. There will be at least 30 traning courses and seminars, both domestic and overseas, held every year.



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