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Flux cored TIG rod TG-X series

Flux cored TIG rod, TG-X series are suitable for root pass in one-side TIG welding without back shielding. Tips for using TG-X filler rods are represented, enjoy the video.


Safety in arc welding

In any welding process, welders always face hazardous from welding for example heat, fumes, radiation, arc rays, and electrical shock. To learn and understand the safety in arc welding is a must for preventing those dangers.


The importance of welding current adjusting

Welding current adjustment is crucial for Shield Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). It’s affected the controlling of weld pool or even heat input which is related to the integrity of the weld bead.


One side welding with Metal & Flux cored wire

This video demonstrates root pass welding vertical upward position by MX-100T then the remaining passes were filled by DW-71T1 size 1.2 mm. Both flux cored wires provide high efficiency with excellent chemical compositions and mechanical properties.


Difference of RB-26 and KOBE-30

Covered electrodes, RB-26 and KOBE-30 are classified as AWS A5.1 E6013 which are commonly used in welding general structural steels. Arc characteristic is the only difference between these electrodes. KOBE-30 provides stronger arc force than RB-26 with similar mechanical properties and welding efficiency.


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