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Personal Protection Policy

    Thai Kobelco Welding Company Limited, Kobelco MIG Wire (Thailand) Company Limited, and Thai Kobelco Welding M&D Company Limited, hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company”, realizes on importance of data privacy that is the basic privacy right required to be protected by laws and Universal Declaration of Human Rights stated that no privacy, family, residence, or communication of any indiscriminately person will be intervened or no honor and reputation of any person will be damaged. Everyone has the right to be protected by laws regarding such right intervention. Therefore, the Company would like to inform on the Company’s Personal Data Protection of customers, contact persons, or visitors of the Company’s website as follows


Collected Personal Data

   The Company may collect personal data of customers, trade partners, contact persons, or visitors of the Company’s website including name-surname, address, email, telephone number, number of visitors, date, time, and duration of website visiting, history of other websites visiting, etc.

Sources of Personal Data – The Company will obtain your personal data via 2 channels as follows  

   1. The Company obtain your personal data directly by collecting through our service procedures as follows

       1.1 Application for using services with the Company or Application for the use of other rights.

       1.2 Your voluntariness provided through responding to our survey or email reply or other communication channels between the Company and you.

       1.3 Your usage of the Company’s website via your browser’s cookies.

   2. The Company obtains your personal data from disclosure of the third party.

Objectives of Data Processing

   1. The Company stores your personal data for service providing or customer service, communication related to services, promotions, privileges, and special offers of the Company.

   2. The Company stores your personal data for complying with contracts or obligations made by and between you and the Company or outsiders with interest of such matter.

   3. The Company stores your personal data for developing and improving service providing or website.

   4. To comply with laws, for example, Computer-Related Crime Act B.E. 2550, laws related to taxes, etc.

Personal Data Collection and Storage

  The Company will only collect and store data related to you as necessary and we will only use your data as necessary and appropriate or as beneficial for you or under objectives as informed by the Company to you. The Company will secure your data as if our important data as defined y laws or related criteria. The Company will not disclose your personal data to other persons and prevent other persons from disclosing your personal data unless receiving the written consent from you or due to legal orders of government agencies.


Data Security Standard

  The Company will store your personal data as if our important data as defined by laws or related criteria. In the event of documents, the Company will keep your data in locked area that is unable to be accessed by non-related persons. In the event of electronic data storage, such data will be stored in database with prevention against accessibility of non-related persons, virus protection system or prevention against intrusion of outsiders.

Rights of Personal Data Owners

  You are entitled to check your data storage and usage as well as revoke your consent by performing actions through the channels as defined by the Company.

Contact us or our Personal Data Controller:

  HR Manager

  Contact: Tel. 02-3240588 ext. 289

  Email: tkw.support@kobelco.com