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The long and extensive experiences and techniques in production have been tranferred from the mother company and properly adapted to obtian the efficient welding production with high coating speed.

The welding is efficiently and rapidly conveyed through the semi-automatic procedure to large oven.

With the similar production process of galvanized welding (SMAW) as in Japan, the high speed copppy coating technology is obtained. With the focus on producing and distributing welding and also importing quality welding from its mother company under the brand name of KOBELCO, Thai-Kobe is now the position to provide a wide range of welding and cover all welding and cover all welding procedures.

We become the leading firm in offering the widest range of products in the market.



  Group brand names and the corresponding products

All KOBELCO welding consumables are designated with "Trade Designation" and are grouped into the following three groups on the basis of the characteristics of individual products as detailed below.


A coined word produced by combining "Familiar" and "Arc". For general welded structures made of mild steels and high tensile strength steels that have the tensile strength of less than 590 MPa.


A coined word produced by combining "Trust" and "Arc". For such steels that require highly credible qualities as high tensile strength steels with the tensile strength of 570MPa or higher, low temperature steels, and heat-resistant low-alloy steels.


A coined word produced by combining "Premium" and "Arc". For High-alloy steels, stainless steels, and nonferrous metal.

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Welding Handbook (PDF)
This is a product catalog that publishes the typical one of our products and these related information. We will do the content update mainly and irregularly according to the material standard revision and the product review. Please confirm the latest version on our homepage sometimes.
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