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Effect of welding parameter in GMAW

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is highly efficient welding but this type of welding process requires special welding techniques to obtain good weld bead quality.

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Back-Step Technic

One of the problems in welding with low hydrogen electrodes that welders often encounter is porosity at the beginning of the arc starting.

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How to set conventional Pail Pack

Pail Pack is a solid wire container that is widely used in automotive industry. Due to the higher efficiency compared to conventional spool wire. The advantage is continuously usage.

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How to set Endless type Pail Pack

Solid wire, endless type container is the most popular used in automotive industry because of the high efficiency and reduce wire replacement time.

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How to properly store the solid wire

If you are the one who are facing the storage problem or wondering how to store the solid wire properly. Check this out, you will surely find the solutions.

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