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JIS Z3251 DF3C-600-B

Metal type: Hardfacing      
Process type: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)


Characteristics on usage:

HF-650 is a solid surface welded wire that provides a relatively stable weld. Because of the presence of carbide elements such as Cr, W, Mo and V, the stable martensite site in the weld. It can be used to get a good scrub. And heat resistant. But the weld will be machined to make it difficult. If there is no heat action after welding.


Notes on usage:

1) Generally, the workpiece should be heated at 150 ° C or more before welding.
2) after welding If it can be heated at 600ºC, it will be better. To prevent cracking.
3) For welding multiple layers of hardened surface or welded surface on cast steel, cast steel, forged steel, Or high carbon steel It should be welded with low-carbon steel welding wire.

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